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Founded to celebrate and sustain the incredible resources found everywhere around us, Mise en Alpes focuses on concepts that combine local culture and artisans with the stunning simplicity of nature. Our team believes the best way to enjoy — and protect — these national treasures is to share them.   


From business seminars and team buildings, to ski competitions in the wintertime, we make every effort to offer you and your guests unique moments with a local touch in remarkable settings so you can reconnect with our beautiful planet and come away changed by the experience.   


Mise en Alpes

As locals and nature enthusiasts ourselves, we know the value of activities in sync with our natural world. We believe an active, outdoor lifestyle can bring out the very best in everyone, even groups.


Our care for the environment comes from a deep love and respect for this playground we’d love for you to rediscover.


The founder

Marina received her master’s degree in HEC before spending the next several years working abroad for a multinational in Marketing Communications and Events. In 2017, after completing a world-class project, she returned to Switzerland determined to put her experience to use while reconnecting with her home country. 


Because of her own passion for events and an outdoor lifestyle, Marina enjoys every opportunity to gather people around common values and new experiences in nature. 

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