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Whether the occasion is a corporate team building or a private event, we’re convinced going ‘back to the basics’ is one of the best approaches to any event. 


Very simply, we want you and each of your guests to connect with nature and the surroundings in an exceptional setting. Our ‘local touch’ will ensure you never forget it.


Our offer

From ideation to execution, we produce corporate and private events according to a personalized concept, in unique places, with tailored activities. And we make sure to work with local artisans and suppliers to preserve our own Swiss traditions and resources.  


Our clients are sensitive to our values and keen to create unique moments with their own clients, relatives or friends.


Our approach

Sustainability and the role of responsibility. For us, these issues aren’t just headlines. The mountains are our home. We don’t just appreciate them, we respect them, and pay attention to our events’ impact on them and the surrounding areas. We ask for the same consideration of our partners, suppliers and customers. 

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